How to create a perfect resume?

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How to create a perfect resume?

Creating a resume is one of the most important part of applying for jobs and internships. Most companies nowadays have resume shortlisting as their first step in the process of selecting candidates. It is very important to have a good resume so that candidates can qualify for the interview rounds.

Here we discuss some must include points that you should include in your resume to increase your chances. We also discuss some spoiler which can prove to be a big mistake.

1) Resume layout: Resume layout is very important since it is the impression of your resume. If resume is not structured properly then it conveys an unprofessional impression to HR which means resume will not get time to be considered at first place.

2) Work Experience Section: Work Experience is to showcase your previous work and responsibilities. Experience of job or internship should be written in this section.

3) Personal Projects Section: Fresher and those who are in college do not have much to write in the "work experience section", they can show their teamwork, creativity, leadership, and ability to solve real-world problems in this section through your projects. Make sure you include GitHub links to your projects.

4) Skills: In this section, you can write your technical skills as well as soft skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Linux, Python, Java, web development, c++, etc.

5) Awards & Achievements: Awards and Achievements work like shining starts in your resume, they can give you an extra edge over other candidates. It shows your hard work and capabilities.

6) Important Links: Including links to your projects, certificates, Awards, Github profile, and LinkedIn account validate your claim of doing the projects. Including a Github profile and LinkedIn account is a necessity now because they make it easy to know about a candidate.

Many a time students lie or false claim to make their resume look strong but such wrong practices harm candidates and give the impression of an unethical person, which no company wants to hire.



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