How to create website on blogger

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How to create website on blogger

Blogger is considered as one of the most famous and widely used blogging website in the world. It is basically organized for 

content management system (CMS) 

and is originated in America as an online platform. It is developed by Pyra Labs with features such as multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Now all the blogs are hosted by Google which can be accessed through a subdomain of 

They can also be accessed by a user-owned custom domain by using DNS.

This platform allows users to publish blogs and websites to their web hosting server through FTP until May1, 2010. All of these must be redirected to a subdomain or point their domain to Google’s servers via DNS. This blogger company has a wide international user base with availability in 60 languages.


Steps involved in making a website on Blogger ̶ 

Signing up for Blogger



  1. Go to and enter your Gmail ID and password in the Sign In box and click it.
  2. If you do not want your name on the blog, click on 

    Switch to a limited Blogger Profile.

    Confirm profile and continue to the Blogger.


Create a new Blog

create blog

  1. Click the New Blog button to pop-up Create a New Bog window.
  2. Type a title and a short address that relates to it in the Address box.
  3. Now, choose a template from the library provided and it will have a blue box around it.
  4. You can customize your template after clicking Create Blog button.


Creating a Post

  1. Click on the pencil button which should say Create New Post after hover on it.
  2. Type a title in the post box.
  3. Type post in the post field below the post box.


Post Settings Menu



  1. Click on the Labels tab to add it as they are words readers which can search for the post.
  2. For scheduling the time for the post to go live, click on Schedule tab and then choose the preferred Date and Time.
  3. To generate the URL for the post, click on the Permalink tab.
  4. Click on the Location tab to add and then type in your location.
  5. If you want to allow or disallow reader comments, or to change compose mode, or to change the way line breaks, click on the Options tab.


Layout Editing

After publishing the post select the Layout button from the menu on the left side of the screen.


Adding and Configuring a Gadget.

Gadgets allow blog readers to interact. Choose wisely to attract more followers that will benefit them.

  1. Click any of the gadget to select and set its location.
  2. You can choose from Basic Gadgets which are the most popular created by blogger, More Gadgets that are created by other bloggers, or Add Your Own that allows to create your own custom Gadget through a URL.
  3. At last, click on the Blue Plus button to add Gadget to your blog.

If you want to edit your selected Gadget, the Configure box pop-ups. We can rename the gadget with extra other features in this dialog box.

Rearranging Gadgets


  1. Movable Gadgets are on the right edge with a dark grey bar. Click on a gadget and drag it.
  2. Now, click on the Save Arrangements on the top right to keep changes made to the layout.


Editing Template

  1. From the menu box on the left of the screen select the template tab.
  2. Now, select to Customize under the Live on Blog preview.

You can change alternate settings with Dynamic Views from the groups at the top of the window.

Editing Background and Width adjustments

  1. Select the Background tab under the template tab.
  2. Hit down arrow under Background image tab to set it.
  3. Hit the down arrow under Main color theme tab to change the color theme of the entire blog.
  4. For adjusting width select it from under the Background tab.
  5. To change the width of the entire blog and of the right sidebar, use the slider or enter the pixels you want to display.


Advanced Editing

  1. This tab is situated under the Layout tab and is used to customize your selected template.
  2. Page Text 

    allow you to change color as well as font of the entire blog along with background.
  3. Header 

    tab allow you to change color of the background of the header.
  4. Header bar 

    tab allow to change the color of the background of the header bar, the color as well as the font of the text in the header bar.
  5. Link’s 

    tab allows to change the color of the link before, after and during the usage of the link.
  6. Similarly, 

    Blog Title, Blog Description, Post Title, 


    Date Ribbon 

    can be used in the same manner for changing color and font.

After all the changes the blogging website gets completed to get posted in front of the other people. And now, you can create your own personal and professional blog to show others.


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