India's Top 5 Startups

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India's Top 5 Startups


This is inevitably India’s most omnipresent startup with a market cap of around $16 billion (Rs. 1,12,000 crores). Its QR codes are available for transactions everywhere. It has a large market from movie tickets to gold, and the cashback it resembles have been recognized by the entire market.

Even being a decade old, it ventured into newer business of selling mutual funds and also setting up a cloud platform. It has more than 5000 employees and is ranked top among its top 10 competitors across the nation.


Oyo Rooms

It is another startup which is fairly competing with other companies and is active in the country. It has a market cap of around $10 billion (Rs. 70,000 Crores). In the northern region, its hotel boards are visible everywhere. It has a tremendous increase in its valuation over the last 2 years because until October 2018, its worth was less than $1 billion, but it jumped up to $5 billion within a span of 8 months.

It has a greater number of rooms in China than in India, expanding over to US, Japan and Saudi Arabia. With the company size of more than 17,000 it ranked among the 2nd under top 10 companies across the country.


Ola Cabs

Ola has surpassed the dominance of one of the most challenging startups in the world ­­­­­̶̶ ̶ Uber ̶ and managed to build an astonishing business on its own. It has a market fund of about $6.32 billion (Rs. 44,250 Crores). It runs everything from cabs to bike rides and shared taxis and even provide a ferry service.

It gathered a huge capital fund within a shorter period of time. It also has started electric mobility vehicles to reduce air pollution in the environment. It comprises of over 3000 employees across India which puts this venture at 3rd position among top 10 competitors.



There is something to grasp from the story of this education venture that started with a single man who taught his friends to crack CAT exam, is now one of the world’s largest ed-tech companies. Its market value is circa $5.75 billion (Rs. 40,250 Crores). It is currently the sponsor of the Indian Cricket team, coming between the decade-old companies.

Incredibly, it has now achieved a profitable tag becoming the first Indian consumer unicorn to reach at such a milestone. There are more than 4000 employees working in this company making it the 4th valuable venture amongst the top 10 of its competitors.



It is the youngest startup in the list of emerging ventures in the country with a total market cap of $2.3 billion (Rs. 16,100 Crores). It is the fastest Indian startup to reach the $1 billion valuation within the span of 2 years. It is considered as a B2B platform that support market and business trades designed for small and medium industries in India.

It collaborates with traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers in order to conduct peaceful transaction among them and allow them to grow their business. There are a total of more than 9000 workers under this business venture.

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